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For a 1956 visit to the Shore Roller Drome in Asbury  Park, New Jersey Click on the Skate     

Larrie Dee's MIDI Page

Featuring MIDI files from the  Lari/Tan   Recording Studios

Collection of Christian and Secular Recordings. Plus some great Christian humor!

On the left side of this page are the links to the various types of
MIDI files but it is also important to read the MIDI information
pages so as to help you understand how MIDI began and why some
files (from many sites including ours!) might not sound very good
on your computer! Also, beginning with the "Christian Humor"
page, you will learn that we as Christians do not need to take
ourselves so seriously!

The files on our various MIDI pages were produced over a period of
thirty years to satisfy the individual professional requirements of the
many recording artists we represent.

This site is jam-packed with some excellent MIDI information and
dozens of MIDI files which were originally arranged and directed by

Larrie Dee. All of the files are subject to the US Copyright laws.
Most of the files contain information concerning authorship and
most notable performances.

Enjoy your visit and may God richly bless you and yours.

In His Majesty's Service,

Larrie Dee

Lari/Tan Recording Studios
Division of Larrie Dee Entertainment
Escondido, CA