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                                     Secular Music in the "Big Band Style"
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A Man Without Love Originally recorded by Englebert. Large orchestra arrangement

A Walk in the Black Forest Horst Jankowski's famous tune of the 60's.

Always An Irving Berlin tune in the large orchestra style.

As Time Goes By  "Play it again, Sam" (which Bogey never said incidentally) This song was written many yaers before the movie "Casa Blanca".  Rudy Vallee and his orchestra recorded it in 1931.

Beautiful Ohio A waltz by M. Earl very popular in 1918.   Dance to your hearts content!

C'est Si Bon  A nice medium two beat of the late forties. (But the tune is older!)

Dipsy Doodle Larry Clinton tune of the late 30's. Big band styling. He then re-recorded in 1956.

Every Little Movement   Very popular in 1910 (I remember) Written by K. Hoschna for "Madam Sherry"

Fascination Written in 1932 but made popular in 1954 by Dick Jacobs.

Forever and Ever An old German Waltz dedicated to "Bomi"

Glow Worm  Written in 1902 by Paul Lincke as "Gluhwurmchen,"  this  song was made very  popular in the 30's by Lester Lanin and revived  in the 40's by Spike Jones & his "City Slickers." Johnny Mercer,  who wrote new lyrics, and the Mills Brothers recorded  new vocal  versions in 1952.  Jo Ann Castle also recorded it on piano in a fantistic "ragtime" rhythm. The Boston Pops Orchestra had a world wide release. 

Gonna Find Me A Bluebird   A Rather catchy little tune written and performed by Marvin Rainwater in 1957. Several other country stars also recorded it and Frank Ifield (Born in Coventry, England and raised in Australia)  released the song in the early 60's. Frank's big hit was "I remember You" which he yodeled.

Green Eyes  Written by Nilo Menedez in 1929 and popularized by Xaviar Cougart (1938) and Jimmy Dorsey

The Happy Wanderer Sort of Bavarian and dedicated to Bomi.

Here's That Rainy Day Trumpet solo on this Van Huesen classic.

I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire A number 1 hit in 1941 with sax and piano leads.

If I Give My Heart to You A Doris Day hit of 1954 with a Big Band styling.

Ivory Tower  The great Cathy Carr hit.  An number 2 in 1956! (Come Down from Your Ivory Tower!)

Jalousie Frankie Lane revived this song in 1951 for a number 3 hit. Tango the night away!

Java Al Hirt had the biggest recording of this jumpy tune in 1958.

Let Me Call You Sweetheart A schmaltzy waltz from the 1910 era.

Little White Cloud That Cried  One of Johnny Ray's biggest hits rising to number two in 1951.  Probably only because it was on the flip side of "Cry" which was number one for 11 weeks, it might also have reached the very top.  This sequence was done especially for "Jan"  Check out the great job she did using this MIDI at:

Maria Elena Rhumba written in 1932 and made popular by Jimmy Dorsey in 1941

Marine Corps Hymn And why not? Semper Fi!!!! 

Melodie D'Amour AKA Shoo, Shoo Little Bird. Ames Brothers had a #5 hit in 1957.

Memories Are Made of This Dean Martin had a number 1 hit in 1955.

My Happiness A 1933 tune recorded by Jon & Sandra Steele (1948) and Connie Francis (1958)

My Kind of Town (Chicago Is) A Sammy Cahn tune popularized by Frank Sinatra.

Oh, Lonesome Me! A Don Gibson classic in a Country 2 beat style (Get that git-fiddle!)

Oh, What it Seemed to Be A World War II song dedicated to Enchante'

Old Lamplighter Sammy Kaye recorded this in 1948. This version dedicated to Enchante'

Que Sera, Sera From the Hitchcock Movie "The man Who Knew Too Much" (Doris Day 1955)

Quentin's Theme From the 1968 TV Series "Dark Shadows" Reached #13 on the charts.

"Riding the Rhine" or BOMI's Boogie A special tune for a special friend. Written and orchestrated here for our good friend in Germany "Bomi," the MIDI PAPA

Roses of Picardy   One of those classic early 20th century songs. Written by Hayden Woods in 1916. This MIDI was especially created for our good friend Shirley Nichols.

Roses of Picardy  (Version Two)  The original sequence for this file dates  back to 1979.   Reworked and reworked until able to adapt to General MIDI format.  Don't let the "creation" date fool you!  Jazz version.

Sentimental  Journey    From the big band era.  Written by Les Brown,  Bud Green and Homer Benjamin in 1945,  the Les Brown Orchestra recording soared to number 1 on the charts.  But, also in that same year,  Hal McIntyre's recording reached number 3 and the Merry Mac's rendition later in the year reached a number 4. So many other artists recorded it subsequently that space does not permit a listing here.

Secret Love From the western movie "Calamity Jane" in 1953 another Doris Day hit1

Sentimental Me    Written by James Cassin and & James Morehead this tune was recorded by Guy Lombardo and later by Glenn Miller about 1939. The biggest hit was by the Ames Brothers in 1950.   Elvis Presley and Gale Storm also recorded the song in the latter part of the 50's. 

Singing the Blues A Melvin Endsley tune recorded by Guy Mitchell in 1954

Swinging Shepherd Blues A Moe Koffman hit of 1958. (Flute lead)

Spanish Eyes Actually an Italian tune "Moon Over Naples" that didn't make it until renamed.

Sugar Lips Another of Al Hirt's big hits!

Sweet Lorraine Another tune created for Enchante

12th Street Rag    A fine Dixieland rendition of the 1914 masterpiece by Euday Boman

This Ole House  A Stuart Hamblin tune recorded by Rosie and a great big hit!

You Are My Sunshine Lots of "twangy guitar"

You Belong to My Heart Dressed up as a Bossa Nova

You Can't Be True Dear  German tune called “Du Kannst Nich Treu Sein” popularized by Ken Griffin (Lots of Hammond)

You Don't Know Me Jerry Vale had the first big hit of this tune in 1956

You, You, You    An Ames Brothers hit of 1950 written by Robert Mellin and Lotar Olivas 

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