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Christian MIDI & MP3 Files from the Larrie Dee Collection
   Real Orchestrations Produced for Live Concerts and Television Appearances

Please do not link to any MIDI or MP3 file at this site. You may download any file you desire but always ask for permission before posting it to any other web site. (Rules are rules you know- and the law is the law!) Also, be sure to look for the New.gif sign for the most recent additions. If you see a turning CD like the one below it means there is also an MP3 file made from the original MIDI file for your listening enjoyment. This type of file will offer a much better representation of how the recording actually sounded as it is made using the exact professional sound modules here in the studio. No computer sound card can ever match the original sounds. You will hear the actual special drum kits we use in our records. No “barking dogs” or whistles that the MIDI files so often produce on a cheap sound card. Mainly, this is because sound cards do not offer the variety of banks for sound patches. A good example below is the song “When He Was On He Cross.” You will notice a dramatic difference in the instrument quality and especially the drums. No whistles or barking like most sound cards produce. Just click on the rotating CD cd_sm-clr  to hear the MP3 file. To listen to the MIDI file, click on the song title.


All That Thrills My Soul    Written in 1917 by Thoro Harris (1874 - 1955), this old hymn has been played all over the world. In 1931 the copyright was transferred to the Lillenas Publishing Company, which is now the Nazarene Publishing House. My original sequence was composed back in 1977 on a paper drive machine (binary punch) long before what we now call a MIDI file but converted to a Standard MIDI File from the digital information. The concept was nearly identical as it was in a digital format but not very sophisticated by today's standards. -  A special thanks to Greg Harris (the Grandson of Thoro) for the information concerning the original date of composition and copyrights.


America, The Beautiful         Not necessarily a Christian tune,  but thank God for this country!

Amazing Grace - Rock of Ages Medley     A delightful blend of two hymns bluegrass style.

Amazing Grace     Another version
Amazing Grace        Still another version for you dove3

Amazing Grace   This one is in a Jazz 6/8 tempo.  Very interesting!

As A Deer Panteth   Martin Nystrom's Classic using the entire orchestra.

At Your Feet We Fall   Written by Doug Fellingham in 1980 (nice tune!)

Battle Hymn of the Republic      By Julia W. Howe recorded by the Larrie Dee Quintet (1960)

Because He Lives     Written by Bill and Gloria Gaither (In a nice easy style)

Beyond the Sunset   This beautiful song was written by Blanche Kerr Brock with lyrics by Virgil P. Brock. Originally copyrighted by Rodeheaver Publishing in 1936 and renewed in 1964. Nice easy listening style. Ralph Carmichael also made a masterful arrangement of this song in 1972 for his "Hymns At Sunset" album on "Light" Records.

Blessed Assurance  (Jesus is Mine!)   What a wonderful old tune written by Phoebe P. Knapp with lyrics by Fanny J. Crosby. We really had fun with this one trying to emulate a large orchestra. You should hear how it sounds here in the studio and not in MIDI form.  Wow! what a difference! Too bad the internet MID is so limited.

Blood WIll Never Lose It's Power   God Bless Andre Crouch for this beautiful song!

Brighten The Corner Where You Are    Written by Charles H. Gabriel and lyrics by Ina D. Ogdon.  This one goes back many years  but we updated the rhythm to the "Big Band Sound" trying to somewhat emulate the Ralph Carmichael Big Band. Of course no one can do that!   But, the effort was a lot of fun.

Cleanse Me An old Maori Melody with words by Edwin Orr (AKA "Now is the Hour")  (Kia Ora!)

Christian Medley   When the Saints Go Marching in & Count Your Blessings (Dixieland)

Do Lord   An old Spiritual dressed up in Dixieland clothing - classic version of vintage Larrie!

Down By The Riverside  Another old Spiritual but played in a 1930s "Society Band" style.  (Yes, I am old enough to remember those bands too!) It also became a popular tune but with entirely different lyrics during the early 50s.

Exalt His Name Together Another Jack Hayford tune done in a Baroque styling.

cd_sm_clr (MP3)   new    The Family of God. ( MIDI) This is just a great tune written by Bill and Gloria Gaither back in the very early 1970s. It is a fun song to sing in church. This file was requested by Billy Bob Cox who lives in Belton, Texas. Go get em’ Billy Bob!

Fairest Lord Jesus  Classic Hymn which was originally a Salesian folk melody.dove3

Father God   Written Dr. Jack Hayford, Pastor of the Church on the Way in Van Nuys.

  cd_sm_clr(MP3)  Goin' Home  (MIDI) And old spiritual done here in a solid 4 beat rhythm using organ, guitar, strings, bass, drums and muted trumpet. This arrangement is based upon the great Ralph Carmichael arrangement of 1981 (c) Light Records "The Best of Ralph Carmichael" album. Lots and lots of Hammond Organs!

Have Thine Own Way, Lord! By George C. Stebbins in 1907 with words by Adelaide A. Pollard.

He That Dwelleth  (In the Secret Place of the Most High) Psalm 91 as a Cha-Cha

His Eye Is On The Sparrow  Written by Charles Gabriel and Mrs. L. D. Martin. One of Kenny Rydeen's favorite songs to perform. He really admired the Tony Fontaine version.  (Please visit the Kenneth Rydeen Irish page for more about Kenny's career)  Ralph Carmichael has also arranged this one for many other singers. In this effort, I used strings in a higher register to accent the harmony.

The Holy City  ( Jerusalem, Jerusalem) Written by Stephen Adams in 1893.  Great Tune!

How Great Thou Art   A Swedish Folk Melody ("O Store Gud") and a Classic Hymn.

I'm So Glad (Jesus Lifted Me) Traditional song in a bluesy style.

In the Garden  By C. Austin Miles and another classic hymn.

cd_sm_clr   (MP3)  It Is No Secret (What God Can Do)  ( MIDI) Written by Start Hamblin and recorded is an easy latin style

It is No Secret  By Stuart Hamblin but this time done in a "Country Style" ala Englebert.

It's Beginning to Rain Another Bill Gaither tune but in a "Latin Style" this time.
It Is Well With My Soul By Phillip P. Bliss & Horatio G. Spafford. True Classic! dove2

I Shall Not Be Moved   Here is a  Boogie Woogie treatment of a great Gospel song written by Mrs. James A. Pate. The lyrics were written by John Benson, Jr. and was copyright by Mr. Benson in 1950. This is just a great Christian "hand clapper" for praise and worship time!

I Will Bless the Lord  Written by J. Hernandez and arranged in Jazz 3/4 time.

Just A Closer Walk   A 1950's version as done by the Larrie Dee Orchestra!

Just A Closer Walk   Version 2.  Here is a sprightly Dixieland version I made especially for a local radio disk jockey. Actually, he collects different versions of this song and plays them on his show each week.

Just A Closer Walk   Version  3 This one generally  was a "mood" decision for the day. I wanted to try something different.

Just As I Am  A William Bradbury Hymn known world wide.

cd_sm_clr(MP3)   Jesus Medley  ( MIDI)  "Jesus Loves Me" & "What a Friend We Have in Jesus" (Hear the choir parts!)

Lead Me to Calvary  William J. Kirpatrick's famous song as a Paso Doble! Ole!!

Mansion Over the Hilltop  By Ira Stamphill. A rather "different" type version.

Majesty   Written by Dr. Jack Hayford and performed in a Bolero style.

My Tribute   Another gem from the talented Andre Crouch  Another Paso Doble!

No One Ever Cared for Me Like Jesus   By C. F. Weigle. Nice easy swing style.

Old Rugged Cross    Traditional song in an easy jazz 3/4 time. Hear the choir harmonies.

Old Rugged Cross   (#2)  Another version of George Bennard's classic in a 50's style.

Onward Christian Soldiers Written by Arthur S. Sullivan with lyrics by Sabine Baring-Gould, this old hymn has been sung by many artists throughout the years. On this file, we tried a Paso Doble "feel" within a Military March.  (Unusual?) "FOREWARD--March!"  I can just hear the Bandmaster now!

cd_sm_clr  (MP3)  Our God Reigns    (MIDI) An absolutely beautiful piece written by a very good friend and talented  composer Lenny Smith, who just happens to live near my old stomping grounds in New Jersey where I had several of my earliest "professional" gigs.  Lenny has written several very beautiful songs. You will find some more below.

Peace in the Valley Thomas A Dorsey gets credit for this one which we arranged in a “Blues” style.

Precious Lord, Take My Hand      Another of those great Thomas A. Dorsey tunes. (He also wrote "Peace in the Valley") This one was written 1938.   Best arrangement I ever heard of “Precious Lord” was by our good friend Ralph Carmichael on LIGHT RECORDS  (Hymns at Sunset) in 1972 and featured an outstanding bass trombone solo by George Roberts. ( A very hard instrument to play--I know---I tried!)

Reach Out To Jesus    Written and recorded by Ralph Carmichael and his orchestra in 1968, this song has found it's way into the hearts of millions. Few composers and arrangers have the talent of this wonderful Christian man. God indeed has blessed him with incredible talents.

The Saviour Is Waiting  Another  beautiful song written and recorded by Ralph Carmichael in 1958. Ralph is one of the greatest orchestra arrangers and directors of all time in either the Christian or Secular areas of music.  Recorded on Sacred Records in 1958.

Saviour, Like a Shepherd Lead Us  Another of William Bradbury's  wonderful tunes. A real different treatment here.

Singing Hallelujah!   Written by Paul Charter, a notable member of the FourSquare Church. It just seemed to lend itself to the "country" influence I employed here in the MIDI file. I truthfully never played it this way in church. However, after listening to it a few times, it might have gone well this way in church. (I do hope Paul will forgive me for taking such liberty.)

Something Beautiful Bill Gaither's classic praise song with background choir harmonies.

Splendor and Majesty    This song was originally penned by Ralph P.  Merrifield in 1993. Lenny Smith of "Our God Reigns" fame  collaborated with Ralph in 1996  to produce one of the most majestic praise songs I have ever been privileged to arrange and perform. Not as well known yet as  "Our God Reigns" but equally as compelling a song to hear and the lyrics are superb!  I arranged, orchestrated and composed this MIDI file especially for Lenny Smith at his request.  The Timpani section introduces the song's regal characteristics.  The brass section carries on until the flute takes over the lead and the strings weave in and out  as a lost zephyr while the French horns provide the counter melody.  I could just envision someone like Sandi Patti, Larnell Harris or Sylvester Blue  with a large orchestra behind them recording this beautiful song! Unfortunately, my meager presentation of only a MIDI file here does not do the song  justice.

The King is Coming!      The Bill Gaither tunes just keep on coming!

 The Lighthouse   newThis is a Ronnie Hinson gem! Written in 1971. Of course Ronnie's version was a top seller. I tried to blend both the "country" feel of his rendition with the great John Starnes version of this song.  I think you will agree the results are excellent!

There Is A River  Originally written in 1969 by Max and David Sapp and copyright by David Sapp Music about ten years later. Many artists have performed this song including Bill Gaither and Ken Copeland. My favorite version is the Copeland presentation. A very special thanks to "Mulraine" of Michigan for requesting this song and to Kenny Michael of Virginia for his help with the arrangement.  (You can find a link to Mulraine's site on my link page)

There is Just Something About That Name    Still more Gaither!!!        dove2

This Could Be the Dawning of That Day Guess who? That's right! Boy, can Bill write great music!

Walking Medley  "In the Garden" & "Just a Little Closer Walk" worked together.

cd_sm_clr (MP3)  We Have This Moment Today  ( MIDI)  new This is just a beautiful song written by Bill and Gloria Gaither in
1975.  I  became aware of it thanks to Tanya while I was preparing the music for my daughter’s memorial
service in June of 2003. As so many of you know, and have written to us to express sympathy and support,
our lovely daughter Laurie Kay Dunkirk was killed in a plane crash up in Los Angeles over the Memorial Day
weekend in 2003. She was a vibrant, beautiful young lady, admired and respected by so many. I wanted to post a memorial page for my daughter here at my new web site.  I thank all of you have already done this on your sites. And we especially thank Diane and Mulraine for their loving support during this very trying time.
If you would like to visit Laurie's page, click on the little “Larrie Dee” bear----->larrie

cd_sm_clr  (MP3)    When He Was On The Cross (I Was On His Mind) 3   (MIDI) newThis is another Ronnie Hinson
composition.  It has a nice free flowing style and I enjoyed so much making this arrangement.  My favorite is the Kenneth Copeland arrangement with the large string section in the background of his Big Band (actually his orchestra). I tried to blend some of those strings into this arrangement and  I sincerely hope you all will enjoy my efforts.


Why Me Lord?  A Kris Christopherson Gem!  Done in 3/4 time.

Whispering Hope  Another "memory" tune from the past. Written by Alice Hawthorne in the earlier 1900's this tune has been played and sung all around the world. We did this as a lazy country waltz in 1964 and sequenced the first arrangement in the mid 70's. (Yes, we had our ways even then!

You Are The River   Written in 1998 by Lenny Smith, (of "Our God Reigns" fame) this is a very beautiful song.  Listen to it a couple of times and imagine the big orchestra and choir singing in His presence!  Lenny sure is a talented individual I am sure you will agree. The lyrics to this song can be found on Lenny's site.  Just type in "New Jerusalem Music" or go to my "Larrie's Links"  page for a direct connection.

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