Here are just a few organ MP3 files which we have converted from old tape recordings of Larrie Dee from the 60s, 70s, and 80s which have been lost for years in the old Lari/Tan Studios storage area. Some recordings are even on old steel discs and one or two date back to wire recordings as do most of my Accordion efforts. It really takes a lot of work to get the fidelity up to today's recording standards but with the new equipment it is feasible.

It would be almost impossible to identify the make of each organ as so many tapes were recorded during actual skating sessions (as witnessed by occasional background noise). Some organs were electronic and some were pipe organs depending upon the venue. There may even be a few Hammond recordings and when we find them we will post them also. Hammonds are easy to identify even after 60+ years. Some of the original tapes need a lot of work to convert into digital files. As time runs on, we will add more to the collection.


The Colonel Bogey March (Mid-60s)  This was a 1964 Conn 645 Theater Ongan with slightly detuned tibias to give a chorus or "whistling effect. Achieved by the tibia and and the flutes ranks a few cents apart. Also had a real amplified Glockenspeil.  This was a large rink and had about 6 Conn Leslies and four other Conn speakers hooked up for effect. Very impressive in a skating rink in the Twin City area of Minnesota. I loved playing this setup.